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Sign Up Module

VOs/NGOs need to sign up with the Portal only once in order to avail the facilities/features made available through the Portal. They can update their profile any time they wish to. They need to create their unique login user ID. and profile. The broad areas of information in the profile include Name of VO/NGO and it's office bearers, registration details, sectors/key issues working in, states/districts working in, activities/achievements, Contact details, etc.

One of the following options needs to be selected while filling up the form:

  • In case the VO/NGO is an Umbrella/Parent Organization then it should select the option "Umbrella/Parent Organization" from the drop down box.
  • In case the VO/NGO is an organization under an Umbrella/Parent Organization then it should select the particular parent organization.
  • If the desired name is not available in the drop down list then it should select the option "Other" to enter the name of the Umbrella/Parent Organization.

Copy of the registration certificate should be scanned in the PDF format or JPG format (should be less than 2 MB size) and submitted under the concerned option.

Multiple selections are possible using the 'Control' key. On selection of a particular state, you would get the list of districts of the selected state, for selection of districts working in.

A detail page containing column wise description can be seen at the page Tips to Fill the SignUp Form.

Sections of this Module


This section gives a Ministry/Department-wise listing of the various schemes being run by various Ministries/Departments and open for grants. This section also indicates who can be the beneficiaries of the schemes and furnishes information for the VOs/NGOs as to how they can apply, eligibility, funding pattern and so on. Scheme view page also displays the documents required to be submitted along with the application and the format of the same is also displayed as a hyperlinked content. While applying for grants these documents needs to be submitted along with the application. The * mark donates mandatory requirements.

Schemes Directory

Schemes Directory has various options and is segregated under the headings 'Schemes by Ministry/Department', 'Schemes by Target Group' and 'Search Schemes by name'. This section also provides particulars about the Nodal Officers/Sub-Nodal Officers from the participating Ministries/Departments looking after these schemes.

NGO Grants

This section facilitates the VOs/NGOs to apply for grants from the Government of India for the various schemes registered with the portal. Through this section the VOs/NGOs can view their application status and find details of grants applied for. An annual document repository has been created for each VO/NGO. Through this facility the VO/NGO can submit their documents viz. audited statements, annual reports, annual budget, By-laws, if amended from time to time, etc. and these documents need not be submitted again and again for each application (give once use multiple times). They only need to attach the relevant documents for that particular application by clicking the mouse and attaching the relevant documents.

NGO Directory

This section of the module provides a State-wise list of VOs/NGOs who have signed up on the NGO-PS portal, List of VOs/NGOs can also be viewed by Sector/ Key Issues. Names of Blacklisted VOs/NGOs are also available. This section also facilitates the user to search for a VO/NGO by name and by Sector/ Key Issues.

Viewing Information in Various File Formats

The information provided through this Web site is available in various file formats, such as Portable Document Format (PDF) and JPEG. To view the information properly, your browser need to have the required plug-ins or software. For example, the Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to view the PDF files. In case your system does not have this software, you can download it from the Internet for free from the following URL:

Please Note:

  • Due to security reasons few special characters and reserved words viz. 'select', update', 'delete', 'drop', 'insert' are not allowed to enter using the text boxes meant to enter information regarding your NGO. You can find the list of characters allowed and/or not allowed to enter through a text box by pointing your mouse to the symbol on the right of relevant text entry fields.
  • If you click on a hyperlink given in any portion of this Portal and a new browser window opens with the symbol Disclaimer on the top right corner, it implies that the opened page is outside ''. The contents on such a page are owned and maintained by the respective Department and '' or NIC or Planning Commission is not responsible for their currency and/or accuracy.
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NGO Directory

Sr No. Name of VO/NGO Registration No.,City & State Address Sectors working in
1 MEDINI BAR /237 /M /147, Guwahati (ASSAM) VillLachima, P.O. P.S.- Sarthebari, Pin-781307 Agriculture,Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries,Art & Culture,Differently Abled,Disaster Management,Education & Literacy,Environment & Forests,Health & Family Welfare,Women's Development & Empowerment,Youth Affairs
2 A Multipurpose Multifaceted Association DBR/250/K/70, Gauripur (ASSAM) Sarkarpara, W/no-2, Gauripur, P/O and P/S Gauripur, Pin-783331 Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries,Aged/Elderly,Agriculture,Art & Culture,Biotechnology,Children,Civic Issues,Differently Abled,Disaster Management,Dalit Upliftment,Drinking Water,Education & Literacy,Environment & Forests,Food Processing,Health & Family Welfare,HIV/AIDS,Human Rights,Information & Communication Technology,Legal Awareness & Aid,Labour & Employment,Minority Issues,Micro Small & Medium Enterprises,New & Renewable Energy,Nutrition,Panchayati Raj
3 AAINA KAM(M)263/C/672-2012-13, Guwahati (ASSAM) H.No.26, Pragati path, Chandan nagar, Ghoramara, P.O.Beltola,Guwahati-28 Women's Development & Empowerment
4 AAKAR KAM / 240/A-10/961 OF 2007, GUWAHATI (ASSAM) AAKAR (NG0) (SCHOOL OF PERFORMING Art & Culture,Any Other
5 AALO RS/TIN/244/08 of 2000-2001, Tinisukia (ASSAM) Subachini Road P.O. & Dist. Tinisukia Assam PIN: 786125 Aged/Elderly,Children,Differently Abled,Education & Literacy,HIV/AIDS,Information & Communication Technology,Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation,Vocational Training,Women's Development & Empowerment
6 AAMAR HOJAI RS/NG/254 /Q/55, Hojai (ASSAM) Nagendra Nagar, Ward No 1,House No 109 District Hojai. Pin code 782435 Agriculture,Art & Culture,Education & Literacy,Health & Family Welfare,Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation,Science & Technology,Women's Development & Empowerment
7 AAMAR SANGKALPA RS/KAM(M)/240/A-26/82, GUWAHATI (ASSAM) Shubham Enclave, A-601,Hatigaon, Lakhimi Nagar, Guwahati- 781038 Dist - Kamrup(M),Assam Pin - 781006 Data Not Found
8 AANRKAPOR KAM(M)/263/D/170, Guwahati (ASSAM) AANRKAPOR C/O: Dhiraj Kumar S/O ; Arjun Ch. Kumar P.OVill: Gotanagar PNGB Road House No: 4 Near Gotanagar Nursery Guwahati-781011 Art & Culture,Any Other
9 Aaranyak 3096 of 1989-90, Guwahati (ASSAM) 50 Samannoy Path,Beltola Survey,Guwahati-781028 Assam Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries,Biotechnology,Disaster Management,Education & Literacy,Environment & Forests,Food Processing,Legal Awareness & Aid,Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation,Scientific & Industrial Research,Tribal Affairs,Water Resources
10 Aashaa Bora Foundation 2046, Guwahati (ASSAM) 345, NikitaComplex, 1st floor, Khanapara, Guwahati-781022 Data Not Found