NGO Directory

Sr No. Name of VO/NGO Registration No.,City & State Address Sectors working in
2 THE AMBEDKAR SHG ASSOCIATION OF SOZNI AND CHAIN STICH I C Ltd RIC/KP/SRA/SHG/160, srinagar (JAMMU & KASHMIR) Gund-e-Khawja Qasim T/o Pattan-193401 Agriculture,Art & Culture,Tribal Affairs
3 THE BETHEL CHARITABLE TRUST 1433, JAMMU (JAMMU & KASHMIR) H.NO. 423, Qasim Nagar, Bahu Fort, Jammu Jammu Tawi Jammu Data Not Found
4 The Bharat Federal Handicrafts Self Help Group Of ICS Ltd RIC/KP/SRA/517, Budgam (JAMMU & KASHMIR) Parraypora Art & Culture
5 THE CREWAL INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE LTD RIC/KP/SR-618, ANANTNAG (JAMMU & KASHMIR) FURRAH ANANTNAG Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries,Agriculture,Art & Culture,Children,Disaster Management,Drinking Water,Education & Literacy,Environment & Forests,Food Processing,Health & Family Welfare,HIV/AIDS,Housing,Human Rights,Information & Communication Technology,Legal Awareness & Aid,Labour & Employment,Micro Finance (SHGs),Minority Issues,Micro Small & Medium Enterprises,Nutrition,Panchayati Raj,Right to Information & Advocacy,Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation,Scientific & Industrial Research,Science & Technology
6 The crewel ics limited RIC/SG/1384-K, Kupwara (JAMMU & KASHMIR) Batergam kupwara 193222 Women's Development & Empowerment
7 THE HUMAN RACE KULGAM 6395-S, srinagar (JAMMU & KASHMIR) H/O: AMNOO KULGAM JAMMU AND KASHMIR NEAR ZIYARAT SHARIEF AMNOO 192231 Animal Husbandry, Dairying & Fisheries,Art & Culture,Biotechnology,Children,Civic Issues,Differently Abled,Disaster Management,Drinking Water,Education & Literacy,Aged/Elderly,Environment & Forests,Health & Family Welfare,HIV/AIDS,Housing,Human Rights,Information & Communication Technology,Labour & Employment,Land Resources,Legal Awareness & Aid,Micro Finance (SHGs),Minority Issues,New & Renewable Energy,Nutrition,Panchayati Raj,Prisoner's Issues,Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation,Science & Technology,Sports,Tourism,Tribal Affairs,Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation,Vocational Training,Water Resources
8 The Iram Shawl Emb. RIC/KP/SRA-712, Srinagar (JAMMU & KASHMIR) Shafia Bagh Nalabal Nowshera Srinagar Data Not Found
9 The Jammu and Kashmir Jigyansu Tribal Research Centre 1161 S, Poonch (JAMMU & KASHMIR) The Jammu and Kashmir Jigyansu Tribal Research centre, P.O. Aged/Elderly,Children,Drinking Water,Education & Literacy,Environment & Forests,Food Processing,Health & Family Welfare,HIV/AIDS,Human Rights,Micro Finance (SHGs),Minority Issues,Nutrition,Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation,Tribal Affairs,Vocational Training,Women's Development & Empowerment,Youth Affairs
10 The Modern Papier Machie ICS Ltd RIC/SG/1243-K, srinagar (JAMMU & KASHMIR) Gund Khawja QasimPattan-193401 Education & Literacy,Environment & Forests,Information & Communication Technology